Moonchild Guardians

Limited Edition Serigraph
  |   $150

“This design was inspired by an old ceremonial rattle from Coast Salish territory. In my interpretations, I often visually symbolize family connections by joining the two. This was also done in a previous print, Wolf Brothers. The two birds seen here represent my Grandmother and Mother. The central figure is a self portrait, depicting me as a child. When I was young my mother was a single parent and I spent much time with my grandparents, hence my close ties to my grandmother. Looking back over time at my childhood I realize how protected I was, shielded from the outside by my family and specifically my grandmother and mother. Their intentions were good, as with most family when it comes to children, and it is something I can now appreciate as a parent looking out for the best interest of my own son. This print honors and pays tribute to the sacrifice my family has made for me to be who I am today, an artist of my people.” -Shaun Peterson / Qwalsius