Limited Edition Giclee

“In the art of the Northwest Coast Native peoples the theme of Lovebirds has become a motif for many artists to explore. There are many tribes who have a moiety which divide into Eagle and Raven clans. Although this is not the case of Coast Salish peoples it is an image that can easily demonstrate the coming together of different personalities and equally so mirror the very differences of men and women.

Early in the printmaking practice the artist worked in a small studio with a few close friends to create prints for Valentine’s day. The first was created back in 2002 simply called “Valentines”. Since then the practice has become much more elaborate as the skills of the artist have grown. This print was designed first as a pencil illustration and further developed in the digital process before printing as a limited edition giclee. The giclee as a medium has allowed a great deal of expression and dimensionality to come forth that would not easily translate in a serigraph and it’s the hope of the artist that people are able to appreciate those subtle details within.”

-Shaun Peterson / Qwalsius