Limited Edition Cast Bronze
  |   $4,000 - Contact us to special order

Kéet Bronze Limited Edition of 20 20” x 6” x 4” Kéet is the Tlingit word for Killer Whale. This is also my main crest symbol. I am Kagwaantan and from the Eagle moiety. The original wood sculpture was carved by David Svenson and depicts the Killer Whale with an Eagle on the top representing my family symbols. Emerging from the mouth of the Killer Whale is a Thunderbird, which was the clan that Svenson was adopted into. The bottom form is a double-headed wolf, as a kind of soul catcher and morphing into a three-dimensional wolf at the center. David Svenson spent many years in Haines, Alaska learning to carve at Alaskan Indian Arts. His teachers include John Hagen, Jenny Lyn Smith and Leo Jacobs. His cultural teachers were Edwin Kasko and Charles Jimmy Sr. David Svenson is a mentor to me and is a multi-disciplinary artist in his own right–working with wood, glass and neon. – Preston Singletary   -Preston Singletary Edition of 20.