In My End is My Beginning

Carved and Painted Juniper Wood on Metal Base
  |   $9,000


Bird, Eagle, Juniper, Wood


Light and Dark

“This title comes from T.S. Eliot’s “Four Quartets”. He starts out by intoning, “In my beginning is my end,” but later moves on to formulate, “In my end is my beginning”. At the start, we all know that we are on the path to death, but as we age (if we are diligent and fortunate) we gain wisdom. It is an interesting subject to contemplate: as our minds deepen, our bodies decay.

The pundits inform us that as the pandemic proceeds, we are coming to the end of the old ways of living — that in the future we will have to adjust to new norms of existence.”

-Hib Sabin

Watch Sabin’s discussion of this piece from his July 2020 artist talk: