I am the Day. I am the Night.

Smoked Brain Tanned Elk Hide, Glass Seed Beads, 14K Gold and Sterling Silver Seed Beads, Bells, Feathers


Glass Beads, Hide


Solstice Masquerade

This mask is made using smoked brain tanned elk hide as a base (also the fringes). It is painted using yellow ocher and prussian blue trade pigments. The beads are faceted seed beads, also 14kt gold and sterling silver beads. The bells are vintage brass hawk bells, the feathers are a specially bred heritage turkey (Royal Palm) whose feathers resemble Golden Eagle feathers.

The symbolism is of the Thunderbird, who was thought to have brought the horse to many of the Plains peoples. From his feet, bolts of lightning emanate. The horse was a creature of mysterious origin. Some thought it was brought by the underwater powers. One side of the mask is a beaded buffalo, the other a horse. Both have heartlines on their bodies. Once the horse wears the mask, he becomes a sacred being.