Gunakadeit, Wealth Bringer Panel

Red Cedar, Pigments


Cedar, Mask, Pigments, Wood

Gunakadeit is said to have a head as big as a house with a huge mouth. It has claws that shine like copper and is a mix of land animals and sea creatures. If you saw the Gunakadeit it was a sign of wealth and good fortune to come.
This panel shows the whole monster. Its huge mouth full of teeth cut across the design in an arc. Large eyes are spread wide above the monster’s nose, which points into the center. On the nose is a spirit face. This creates two wolf head-like profiles facing each other.
In the center is the face of the man who killed Gunakadeit and donned its skin to acquire its powers. On either side are the monster’s shoulders, arms, and copper claws. Below the man’s face–shown upside down–is a ghost face, a reflection in the water.
-Scott Jensen