Limited Edition Serigraph
  |   $900
The main figure is of a mother wolf with a cub at her feet and another still in her womb.

I liked the idea of wolves for this concept because of their tight community-based society.

In my experience, women have always been the ones to step up and ensure that our community could be a safe place. They also lead the way by ensuring that we have a future to look forward to through land and water protection.

Above all of that, hanaa’nax (women) have the capacity to be the embodiment of community through their ability to bring life into this world. More than that in Ts’msyen society, rights flow through the women. My sister and myself are Ts’msyen because our mother is Ts’msyen, but my sister will be the only one to pass along those rights to our next generation.

Just to clarify, the translation is not perfect when it is in English, and in no way am I referring to women as containers for children. Our community is what makes our society strong, and I want to highlight that the most important roles in my communities have always been filled by women, and hanaa’ax are the most important part of Ts’msyen society”

~ Phil Gray