Fog Woman

Limited Edition Cast Bronze
  |   $16,000

This limited edition bronze is based on the story of Fog Woman, which begins with Raven going to the Sky World and convincing Fog Woman’s father that they be allowed to marry. The father agrees and says that he should always treat his daughter with love and respect. However, as time goes by, Raven forgets his promise to love and cherish his wife, things get tougher and it is a time of famine.

Fog Woman starts to work on something with cedar bark, it takes her weeks to do this, and Raven yells at her for wasting time when they should to be looking for food. She tells him to be patient and in the end she makes the world’s first basket.  Fog Woman dips the basket in a stream and out of the basket are Salmon, which Raven eats. Fog Woman eventually decides to leave Raven and as she walks away from Raven she dissipates back into fog and returns to the Sky World.

– Preston Singletary