Limited Edition Giclee
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“There are variations of the concept I am about to speak of here and I can’t recall where or what version I derived it from but it led to the creation of this print. For generations the accumulated knowledge from our ancestors has been handed down like the passing of a torch to keep our fires aglow. In recent generations it has seen a great struggle to survive amidst a whirlwind of challenges. These are teachings for us to experience and are not limited to traditions but ways in which we experience this world while we are here. The Maori have cited it as a thread, some here as cedar. I have envisioned this as an “Ember” one which we must cherish as it does not belong to us but is rather borrowed.

In 2007 I sat with Bill Holm and at some point he asked my thoughts about design theory and though I can’t recall the question I stopped and told him how surreal the moment was, that I had read about him growing up and that to be speaking with him
casually was never expected. He laughed and told me simply “I’m just a man like you. Maybe someday a younger guy may
be intimidated to sit with you and talk design but you’ll still just be a man. It’s the things I don’t know that intrigue me and keep me excited about living” he said. To me that embodies what that “Ember” is.

This print is not in traditional Coast Salish style imagery. It is more closely related to that of the Tlingit people. In working with various artists over the years I have come to see how despite the great variation of approach or perspective the work we do is in many ways universal. I hesitated for years to create works in tribal traditions that were not my own but it was expressed to me that it would be selfish to keep these to myself.”

– Shaun Peterson, Qwalsius