Elimination of Innocence Triptych – Horned Grebe Tear Drop

Three Original Gouache on Paper Paintings, Conservation Framed

Stream has long been inspired and haunted by a tragic true story of colonization and greed from Unga Island, AK. In the late 1700s 25 young Aleut women were taken captive by Russian. On the journey to Siberia, two girls escaped, enraging an officer, who killed a girl on the spot. Some women who saw this jumped from the boat, drowning. To cover up the incident, officers had the rest of the women thrown off the ship to their deaths.

From this terrible story Stream has conjured beauty: a triptych honoring the murdered women that shows their spirits transformed into birds.

Birds: short-billed dowitcher, sooty shearwater, great yellowleg, eider, horned puffin, sandhill crane, merganser, red-face cormorant, harlequin duck, new gull, black oystercatcher. Headdress: Grebe.