Drawn Two

Limited Edition Giclée (Edition of 14), Conservation Framed
  |   $530

Everyone needs and longs for acceptance. A sense of place and belonging gives us the drive to get up and keep moving. Very few of us all will be influencers or movie stars, but we all have ambitions and aspirations. In the time I like to regard as mythological times where we draw inspiration from; I can only imagine the same priorities a staple. I look back on the work I’ve created over the years and recalled a print called “Meeting in Secret.” An Eagle and Frog depicted in an oval shape. The idea was about alliance of an unlikely and greater cause. The idea was to peer into a window of a greater good. Looking back on 2020 and the very purpose of these Valentine prints have always been to convey my views for hope. I’ve reflected a great deal on the paintings of my great grandmother and her oil paintings and it reminded me how Coast Salish art from here has been drawn from emotion and interpreted as spontaneous. Just as inspiration is an energy that cannot be captured such is life and love. There are times we long for something we cannot have or be. There are times we have more than we were ready to receive. All the same a painting can convey such things. The storylines of Beauty and the Beast or Titanic are drawn from the same premise essentially. Our lives are built on moments and I have admiration for them all. Conservation Framed: 17.875″w x 17.875″w