Dip Netter Paddle

Yellow Cedar, Acrylic, Twine


Cedar, Paddle, Wood

I got the inspiration for this design because I’ve been dip netting on a river before and it was a good memory for me.

When I was young, my dad would take me to Lillooet during the summer for a few years to fish for sockeye. The first couple years we would just drop a net in the river for a couple hours then pull them up, so I would get bored and disinterested. The last year, his friends finished early and let us use their dip net. It was the first time I got to fish on my own and I would sit on that rock at the river edge for hours. I caught seven sockeye that day. However, I did fall in at one point. Thankfully my dad made me keep a rope tied around my waist, and that rope probably kept me from getting swept away so my dad could help me out of the water.
-Phil Gray, 2015