My Little Urban Pony – Skateboard

Longboard, Cut Glass Beads, 24k Gold Beads, Antique Navajo Silver Buttons, Traditional Earth Pigments, Painted and Tanned Deer Hide

This beaded longboard is made from smoked brain tanned deer hide, painted with traditional earth pigment paint, using traditional methods. It is beaded with vintage Charlotte 13/0 cut beads, 24K gold Charlotte 13/0 cut beads, antique Navajo sterling silver buttons and antique Czech glass nailhead spots.

“This deck portrays horses I have owned or own. The back image is the latest to join the herd – Little Joe. So, the title is somewhat a play on him. And a play that skateboards have become the modern pony, if you will. Kids no longer ride and play on their horses, as was once common. The Skateboard has become that pony!

Horses to me have always been my salvation. Horses to Native people were always important. Just across the Cascade Mountains, no more than 100 miles from Seattle, lived some of the greatest herds of horses in the Americas, as well the greatest horse breeders. The legendary Appaloosa horse (the first and third horses on the board are Appaloosas) are native horses to Washington, Oregon and Idaho. And the art related to the horse cultures of the Plateau and its use have been my lifelong passion and study. Some of the complete works I have made are in major art museums including The Denver Art Museum.”

This work has been acquired by the Schingoethe Center of Aurora University.