Coast Salish Wolf Comb

Hotsculpted Glass and Sandblasted Glass on Metal Wall Hanger

This piece is inspired by ancient combs of the Coast Salish people. Rendered in sandblasted, partially translucent amber glass, it is a beautiful tribute to the artist’s forebears and the peoples who lived in the land of Washington State and southern British Columbia.

This piece includes a steel bracket for hanging it on the wall, which is not pictured.

“Creatures are generally depicted in a way that exaggerates their most identifiable features, with large heads, eyes, and snouts or beaks. Often, the skeletal structure is visible, showing ribs and joints. Figures are often shown in flat profile views with the knees drawn up touching the elbows in a pose known to art historians as the “hocker” stance, found in ancient art styles around the globe. ”

Text by Robin Wright, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture.

Photo: DCRU12-3700 courtesy of Royal BC Museum.