Clash of the Clans

Limited Edition Giclée Print
  |   $350


On the Hunt

Conservation Framed Price is $690 | Framed dimensions measure 21″ h x 17.75″ w

This work shows two encircling killer whales representing two different art styles of Native Northwest Coastal art. The whale on the left represents the artist’s own heritage, belonging to the Killer Whale clan of the Squaxin Island tribe. This whale illustrates design elements of the Coast Salish artistic tradition, customs to which many have lost their knowledge and connections, but is very much alive. The killer whale on the right shows forms that are found in the Northern formline tradition, practiced in northern British Columbia and southern Alaska. Within this whale, various Northern clans are represented (the Raven, Killer Whale, Thunderbird, and Wolf). While the title suggests conflict between the two visual customs, the piece is educational, showing inter-tribal differences that coexist.