Cill’aq Circular Calendar

Stained Glass, Lead Came, Old Growth Red Cedar, Pigments, Copper Wire, Chain
“The Western calendar, also known as the Gregorian calendar, has a clear beginning and end, and is always presented in a linear fashion. Many Indigenous societies, though, recognize time as cyclical, and many calendars or calendar-like tools show this understanding as a circle. The colors of the glass are intended to represent the changing seasons and the way in which one season melds into the next in a never-ending cycle.
The designs on the mask are intended to represent a deepening of this concept, with the understanding that living in harmony with the world and time also requires an acceptance of the interconnectedness of all things. Preparations for one season do not occur in that season, they have to be done in the previous seasons. We also have to accept that something happening “over here” will absolutely affect something “over there.” As humans, we are not above or below the world around us, we are equal to it.
The circle-and-dot motif on the forehead represents our inextricable place in the universe, the lines above and below the eyes represent air, land and water, and the thick lines around the eyes represent spiritual protection, to prevent us from falling prey to wrong-ways of thinking and behaving. “
– Jen Wood