Bringer Of Night

Serigraph, Remarque

“In my teachings of the old stories there are many that reference a time before the sun and moon were in place in the sky world. It is quite hard to imagine what the world looked like then, but in a dream I saw the sky as a blank white slate–as if it were but a giant void. In this dream I realized that what I was seeing was what the world might once have been. At the moment of realization a giant bird flew before me, filling up the sky and bringing color to it. It was twilight in transition and it was a miraculous sight. Though to my knowledge there is no story of such a bird, I felt compelled to express it somehow through the medium of a print.”

-Shaun Peterson / Qwalsius

A remarque is a print with handmade designs or marks on it, drawn by the artist. The designs are often different from print to print. This remarque features small hand-drawn stars in the black section of the paper in pencil.