Banner Forest Bear Drum

Raw Hide, Acrylic, Brass Tacks, Glass Claw, Bells, Glass Beads, Inside Satchel: Sage, Tobacco, Bear Root

I painted this drum inspired by the bear attack of my friend Anthony Blasioli in Banner forest. I live nearby and use this place on almost a daily basis. On Labor Day, my friend was riding his bike when he came around a corner and was attacked and mauled by a black bear. He almost died. During the same weekend, a lightning storm hit the area and a tree next to his house was hit. Anyway, it was a very powerful experience for all of us in this area.

I wanted the mottled green of the drum to resemble the dark, dense woods of Banner. The rim is the winding, single track trails, and the red is the blood trail left as he rode his bike back out of the woods. The brass tacks are for the tire knobs of his bike. On the side, I put a bag of sage, tobacco, and bear root as a prayer for his healing. It also has a glass bear claw and bells, which are now a common sound in Banner forest. This attack really woke up the neighborhood…we may not be the highest on the food chain after all.

This is my prayer for his physical as well as spiritual healing.