At Rest

Acrylic, Modeling Paste, and Gold Leaf on Birch
  |   $750



This sculpted piece encapsulates the raw and simple joys that life offers, while also acknowledging the elegance that can be found in the unembellished.

This piece was born from my deep appreciation for the unadorned beauty in everyday moments and materials. The use of raw elements reflects purity and authenticity. The touch of gold signifies that within the simplest aspects of life, there lies a profound elegance and richness. At Rest is the first in a series exploring these themes. Through this collection, I invite viewers to find beauty in simplicity and to recognize the inherent elegance in raw, natural forms. The heron, with its graceful lines and serene presence, serves as a symbol of this philosophy, standing as a testament to the harmony between simplicity and sophistication.

~ Amber Spindel