Basswood, Poplar, Veneer, Cotton Twine, Feathers, Acrylic, Oil, Tacks, Wooden Dowel, Copper, Eye Hooks, Stain, Charring


Basswood, Wood

This being represents the “Asking Festival” held in St. Michael’s, AK in November. Men gathered in the kashim and painted their bodies stripes and dots and stomped around. A certain man would stand with a wand made of bentwood hoops, and asked each man what they desired: either an object, or intercourse with someone in the village. The wand-carrier presented these desires to the women in the village, and asked them what they desired in turn. In this way, everyone in the village asks for something. If agreement was reached, presents were exchanged and a temporary relationship reached. The arching wand with hoops in this sculpture is based on the wand in this ceremony.