Ancestral (Collaboration with Preston Singletary)

Blown, Free-Hand Sculpted, Sand Etched Glass

“The latest work from Preston and I is a continuation of a collaborative concept that we started in 2019. Both of us have Tlingit heritage, and working in glass, we felt it would be compelling to combine our individual artistic aesthetics.

Preston’s adept use of Northwest Coast formline design explores familial and cultural themes through visual storytelling. He utilizes traditional form and motif that harken from pre-contact with a contemporary finesse.

My work looks towards the amazing, yet dwindling, biodiversity and our interconnectedness with the natural world,  exploring predator prey relationships, food webs, and a rapidly changing environment.

Preston and I have enjoyed exploring these parallel themes, and the various points where those themes intersect. The result is a tangible representation of our collective effort that endeavors to convey a strong sense of place. Our voice rooted in our shared ancestral past, with an eye on the future.”

-Raven Skyriver