A-wa-tas-sum (Eagle From the Deep) Totem Pole

Red Cedar, Acrylic

A-wa-tas-sum – Eagle From the Deep

Top figure: Eagle From the Deep.
Second figure down: My uush-umis, my relative Joe Tom Jr.
Third figure down: Salmon on My uush-umis’ chest.
Bottom Figure: Swimming Eagle from the Deep.

Joe Tom, Jr. was fishing with his father of Hesquiat in 1959-1960. Joe was a young boy, a teenager. He was outside on the deck of their fishing boat as they trolled the seas. What he saw in between the boat and stabilizer was this great big eagle from the deep flapping its wings and swimming alongside their fishing boat. He called his father. His father, worried it would get caught and tangled in the stabilizer cable, reached down and tried to touch it. The eagle from the deep was graceful and swift as it dove down under. Joe also told me they, at the same time, saw numerous sunfish.
This is how we as a family give you an understanding of how we get new acquirement within our families. An appearance or sighting like this gives us title to compose and bring new headdresses out to perform and you add on to your family curtain. This now is family history cultural teaching.
~ Tim Paul