Marika Swan

Marika Swan

I am a Tla-o-qui-aht woman born out in the wilds of the west coast, on a little island, on the beach, in a spot where our whaling chiefs used to bring the whales in. Northern lights stretched out into the north the night before I came into this world. I believe in a deeply profound relationship with the land that I come from and a responsibility to it’s survival, health, and freedom.

My mother, Paula Swan, is a photographer and painter. Her main inspiration is the beauty she finds in nature especially arbutus trees, flowers, moonscapes and seashells. My father, Joe David, is a master carver and painter who is heavily influenced by our rich culture and his spiritual practice. I am very thankful that they both nurtured the artist in me from a very young age.

I spent many years swirling around the Vancity Native art scene listening to the stories of Native communities coast to coast. I learned the importance of healing through expression and the power of coming together in a circle.  I find great fulfillment in creating space for our people to explore their creativity so that when we seek justice, our voices are strong.

I have returned to my home territory in Tla-o-qui-aht on the west coast of Vancouver Island where I am reconnecting with my cultural roots. I have a beautiful daughter that teaches me how to be an honest and generous human being. I am listening to my heart and I am finding my special place of power in the universe. 

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