Manuel Salazar

Manuel is a member of the First Nation Cowichan Band affiliation of the Cowichan Valley, Duncan, BC. At the young age of 23, Manuel discovered a strong desire to distribute fine Salish arts and crafts.

Manuel has entered his art pieces into various shows. His talent was awarded second place in a province-wide art contest sponsored by Cowichan’s Native Heritage Center, which took place in the winter of 1991. He was also awarded second place, and an honorable mention in the 1992 Annual Spring Art Show and Sale, sponsored by the Cowichan Valley Arts Council, in addition to special recognition for this contribution.

Manuel creates designs and paints traditionally handcrafted rawhide drums and produces fine limited edition prints. In 1993 he spent the summer at the Native Heritage Center, concentrating on original designs and drum painting. Manuel has had artistic learning experiences with many well-known artists, who have helped guide his talent.

With the strong concept of expressing the natural richness of our First Nations People, Manuel will continue to expand and develop his talent as a Salish arts and crafts designer.