Junior Henderson

Junior Henderson belongs to the Weiwaikum Band of the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation. He has been given the hereditary chief name Udzistalis from his father, Chief Dan Henderson. He was initiated into the Hamatsa society at the age of two and has been dancing traditionally ever since.

Junior Henderson has inherited a special and sacred artistic talent from his grandfather, Chief Sam Henderson. Henderson began apprenticing with uncles Bill and Mark Henderson at a young age. He is also inspired by his brother, Johnathan Henderson, his cousin, Tommy Hunt, and especially by fellow Kwakwaka’wakw artist Willie Seaweed.

Henderson has a special love for carving because of the vital role it plays in potlatches and in the Kwakwaka’wakw culture. His artwork and cultural contributions play an important role in Campbell River’s traditional life, especially through his singing, dancing and mentoring work.

Henderson has recently completed a unique and highly unusual Transformation Pole, which opens like a transformation mask to reveal a second figure inside the first. He has also recently finished an 8.5’ tall totem pole, titled “Raven, Beaver and Grandmother Pole.”