June Parker

Woven into the fiber of each weaving, a timeless tradition continues from generation to generation through June Parker. “My grandmother taught me how to weave when I was very young – about when I was six years old. I would have to weave a basket before I could go out to play.” Years passed before June would care to make weaving an important part of her life. June Parker has now been weaving professionally for twelve years.

June Parker’s aunt, Fran James, a prominent Lummi weaver, has had a great influence on June’s weaving. Fran’s guidance and instruction in various weaving techniques has helped in the success of June’s skills.

June’s talents are many. Her works include beautiful baskets, some with perfectly fitted lids, others with fur-lined bottoms; traditionally shaped cedar hats ornamented with beads, feathers, ermine skins, and delicate cedar fringe; woven dolls with human hair; and functional items such as woven hand bags with Pendleton blanket cloth.

June relies on inspiration, knowledge, and meticulous skill to produce patterns and designs for her work.