Jean Regal Westgate

Jean Regal Westgate

Jean Regal Westgate has been designing and creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for the past thirty years. She originally learned the craft from the well-known jeweler, Kiff Slemmons, in Bellingham, WA.

Originally from New York City, she also lived in Japan, France, and the Washington DC area before moving to the Pacific Northwest. For the past thirty-five years she has lived on ten secluded acres on a mountainside near the Canadian border. Her studio is a many windowed, seven-sided log cabin next to a stream that she and her husband built. She finds great refuge there as she works alone creating her jewelry.

Westgate loves to experiment with metals and continually tries new ideas and processes, challenging herself to achieve pieces that exhibit flow and grace, harmony and power. She strives to create jewelry that has both visual balance and emotional impact.  Her work is greatly influenced by the peace and nature that surround her. Her pieces often represent insects, birds, mountain scenes, or winged talismans created in silver and semi-precious stones.

The artist’s love of designing and working with metal comes through in her work. Her jewelry ranges from the whimsical to powerful, spiritual pieces, and her melding of texture, form, and color make her jewelry both striking and unique.

In her spare time, Westgate is an avid gardener and birdwatcher, and always has some creative project underway. She is the mother of two grown sons.