Heather Johnston

Heather Johnston

Heather Johnston, a National Award-Winning Artist was born and raised in the beautiful state of Alaska.

Heather’s passion for and creation of traditional and non-traditional Indigenous art is evident in every piece. Her love for painting, drawing and just simply creating pieces was nurtured early as a child within her creative and artistic family. She has been exploring her artistic side ever since.

Her innovative and contemporary styles include use of bold colors, abstract symbolism and rich traditional principles. With a certain spark in her eye, her drive and vision is evident in every original drawing, oil painting on canvas, acrylic on wood or sculpted clay figure created.

Heather states, “I am always thinking about what I can do next. I am driven that way. I just love the endless possibilities that can be created. I tend to let my art speak for itself. I want people to be inspired by what they see and take something special with them when they acquire my pieces.”

From her fusion of styles and innovative, contemporary perspectives emerges a new outlook, specifically for Southwest Alaska Natives in particular, and Indigenous Art as a whole.