Gerald Thibert

In 1965, Gerald was born in St. Boniface, Manitoba. His father was Metis and his mother, Salteaux. He spent most of his early life in Southern Alberta where he lived a traditional Metis life: hunting, fishing, and living off the land. As a child he attended several Pow-wows which left a lasting impression on his way of thinking and artistic practice. In particular, the dancers wearing the regalia of the west coast style inspired a career in carving.

After moving to the west coast in 1992, he met and apprenticed under Carl Simeon, a well-known Kwakiutl carver. The art of the Kwakiutl Nation, known for its theatrical style, enabled his approach to carving to venture into exciting new directions. Gerald has also always been greatly inspired by his brother Emil—having worked under his tutelage.

Gerald likes to work with red and yellow cedar; using this medium he carves masks, walking sticks, plaques, and boxes. He also likes to incorporate his artistic vision into his carpentry work—adding a Kwakiutl flare to cabinets, fireplace mantles, and feature walls.