Gene Drake

Born in Northern California, Gene Drake spent his early childhood in isolated communities where neighbors were scarce.  Without playmates nearby, Gene learned to amuse himself with modeling clay, developing his interest in sculpture.  Since his family depended on fish and wildlife for subsistence, Gene became very aware of the bond between himself and the wildlife around him.  Understandably, his work is inspired by that special relationship.

While serving in the military Gene was assigned to the island of Adak, Alaska where he found a definitive connection to the “Northern Country”.  To this day his work reflects an Alaskan theme.

Working in wood, ivory, soapstone, and alabaster, Gene developed his style quickly.  He exhibits his work in many Alaskan galleries as well as some of the finer galleries in Washington and Oregon.  Gene’s studio is in Oregon, near the source of his materials, where he chisels, sands, and polishes his sculptures by hand.  Gene takes pride in the fact that his pieces are originals, and no two are alike.