Emil Thibert

Born May 15, 1962 in Winnipeg, Manitoba a Metis father and a Saulteaux mother, Emile was both son and family to the Saulteaux band.

Adventure brought Emil to the West Coast of Canada where he met the Simeon Family. Captivated by the Simeon’s family’s artistic practices he adopted the Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka’wakw) style which has long since been at the heart of this artistry. His work is also heavily inspired by other accomplished artists who have influenced him over the years such as Stan and Tony Hunt and Beau Dick.

Emil is a gather of ideas and natural material, blending various media together. Alderwood as well as red and yellow cedar is the base for his contemporary and traditional carvings. His work also often embraces the natural rainbow of abalone and various jewels of the sea.

In addition to his artistry, Emil is also a loving father to three children.