Dan Wallace

Dan Wallace is a descendant from the Haida and Lekwiltaich Nation. Being from two Nations, his work reflects these two styles. Having come from two cultural and historical backgrounds has given him an abundance of creativity to draw from. He comes from a long line of artists, whose ancestors have been creating art for thousands of years now. He cites his biggest influences as his grandfather and uncle.

Dan began doing jewelry and wood carvings at the age of 28. He is a self taught artist who was recently accepted into a jewelry and art design course. He chose this two year diploma program to broaden and develop his creative endeavors.

Dan actively participates in his culture, performing singing, dancing, and attending other culture events on a regular basis. He is a strong believer in maintaining, restoring, and sharing his culture, including the art. He feels he also has a big responsibility as a young chief to start to set a higher standard of living, and to protect and enforce the traditional protocols.