Corey Moraes

Corey Moraes

Corey was born in Seattle, Washington on April 14, 1970. He is of Tsimshian heritage (Lax Kw’aLaams Band) and belongs to the Raven clan. Corey moved to Vancouver, BC in grade school and recently returned to his birthplace.

While residing in Vancouver, Corey had the desire and capability to pursue a career in the Northwest Coast art of his people.

From 1995 until present he has researched the artistic style of his people in books, galleries and museums in addition to apprenticing woodcarving under David A. Boxley. Corey is committed to sharing his culture with others and educating them with the rich and vibrant art and dance of the Tsimshian people.

Corey’s work is seen in many publications, galleries and private collections in North America, England and Japan. His designs have gained recognition through Garfinkle Publications as well as the calendar “The Gathering” for the last few years.

“I am only one of the next generation of artists dedicated to the further enhancement of Tsimshian culture. It is important to me that the hard work of the artistic generations before me does not die but lives on through the knowledge that I have had the privilege to learn from those willing to share.”