🖼️20% Off All Framing⚡

Looking for inspiration for your walls? Stonington has a vast selection of 2D art that could be the perfect work for that spot you’ve been looking to fill. View all of our latest prints and painting and let us help you find the right print and custom frame your artwork!

For the rest of January and all of February our fabulous framer, Terry, will be offering 20% OFF on:

  • artwork available in the gallery that Terry has framed already;
  • custom framing of pieces purchased at Stonington;
  • custom framing of pieces purchased somewhere other than Stonington!

Call us at 206-405-4040 or email us at art@stoningtongallery.com to schedule a framing consultation today!

*Artwork used for graphic of this post: “Louie, Louie” by Allie High (Aleut/Haida/Tsimshian)