Welcome to the New Stonington Gallery Website!

Welcome to our new home on the web; we’re glad you’re here. Our previous website had served us well for over 13 years, but it was time to freshen up the place and add some new bells and whistles. We hope you find the site easy to navigate and to enjoy!

Some new features include a news blog, new ways of searching artwork (such as by media and type, as well as artist), a more comprehensive overview of the gallery (call it a FAQ), an updated contact page with parking and transit options, a commissions page to get you dreaming, and the ability to host more photos of each piece, and a home for our snazzy digital catalogs.

For our artists and clients alike, please note that we are continuing to update, tweak and perfect the site. If there are works missing, or artists and exhibits unlisted, please bear with us as we continue to migrate content and update. We have migrated over 5,000 works of art from our old site, and then hand-tagged and populated them into almost 170 exhibits. So, if you see a piece with a wrong image, marked as available when it has long sold, with the wrong price, or in the wrong exhibit, don’t fret — we’re on it! That’s also a disclaimer: we apologize if any content is misleading, but we do reserve the right to correct our content.

Have questions about how to find something, or how to use the site? Feel free to get in touch — that should be easier to do than ever.