Reflections: Collaborative Work by Scott Jensen and Courtney Lipson

Opening Reception: First Thursday, November 2nd, 5-8pm

Website goes live with images and information at 4pm, November 1st

In November we are proud to present a collaborative show between husband and wife Scott Jensen and Courtney Lipson (both Non Indigenous/Adopted Tlingit). Each artist is known on their own merits–Jensen for his astonishing carving skill, and Lipson for her exquisite micro-mosaic beadwork–and the two have been working since late 2016 to bring their different, but complementary, skills to bear on masks, sculpture and jewelry.

Scott Jensen is regarded by artists and collectors as a living master, and spent much of last year recreating a totem pole for an Alaskan Native village whose original pole had succumbed to the elements. Now, he brings his formidable knowledge of indigenous oral tradition and history, and his technical prowess to this joint exhibition, creating the sculptural forms onto which Courtney inlays her beading.

Courtney Lipson is known primarily for her micro-mosaic jewelry, a process involving the smithing of her own settings in gold or silver, and the setting of tiny, individual glass seed beads in dazzling patterns. She has also expanded her practice to include micro-mosaic “paintings” on panel, where she uses beads of different sizes and textures to render a scene as if painting with the beads.

“In our life we reflect the emotions and feelings of one another; our partnership relies on communication and observation. Our challenge is to be aware and process our emotions and thoughts with the other in mind.

In the twenty years we’ve known each other we’ve worked mostly separate, supporting our journey together while sharing space. With a few collaborative works over the years we’ve pushed each other, stretching our individual growth while adapting to the medium of the other. This exhibit embodies over a year of working in tandem, problem solving together, trusting in the process and each other. It is a reflection of who we are, and our journey in an artful life.”

-Scott Jensen & Courtney Lipson

Exhibition Dates:

November 2, 2017 - December 3, 2017

Involved Artists:

Scott Jensen, Courtney Lipson

Featured Works

Courtney Lipson created this excellent video showing the process, painstaking detail and precision behind the making of these beaded sculptures: