Alison Marks (Bremner)

Alison Marks is a Tlingit artist born and raised in Southeast Alaska. She delves into her rich and complex culture through weavings, paintings, drums and regalia.

“Tlingit art is not just art – it is an internal compass, a connection to who we are as people and where we come from.”
Having been raised in both her native and non-native cultures, Alison brings a unique perspective to her art. In addition to traditional formline, she explores contemporary formline as well as surrealist painting. She seeks to answer the question, what does modern/traditional Tlingit culture look like today?

“There is a misconception that all First-Nations people are stoic and somber. While there has been much despair in our history, there has also been much to celebrate. I seek to shed light on our native sense of humor in order to view the full picture of the modern Native.”
Alison has learned from master artists Cheryl Samuel and David R. Boxley. She is inspired by ancient traditions and modern coffee.