Southwest Art Magazine Feature on Hib Sabin Out This Month

“The animals are stand-ins for humans,” Sabin explains. “The boats and canoes carry humans between the spirit and human worlds as well as through the different periods in their lifetimes. You have to die in the old period to move on to the new.” Indeed, universal themes of transformation and journeying are common in his artworks, including the transitional moments between life and the afterlife.”

Hib Sabin has a big, beautiful feature article in the June issue of Southwest Art Magazine, in perfect time for his solo show at Stonington in July. The article dives deep into the artist’s current focus, and also gives a great summary of his career and milestones thus far. Oh, and we’re in there, too!

“There’s a feeling that there is far more happening beneath the surface of wood and paint,” Blanchard
says. “His larger and more complex vignettes are often allegories, references to philosophical ideas, or a reimagining of myths from around the world. Even if viewers aren’t familiar with the works of Roland Barthes or Jean-Paul Sartre, they can understand the thrust of the work. It operates on a subconscious level.”

-Stonington Gallery Co-Director Rebecca Blanchard

Thanks to writer Bonnie Gangelhoff and the Southwest Art Magazine team for this fantastic profile of an artist at the pinnacle of his career.

Click the image above to read a pdf of the full article, and keep on the lookout for Hib Sabin’s solo exhibition “The Long Game” opening July 6th at Stonington Gallery.