Lecture: Courtney Lipson – Century Project

March 3rd – , 2013

Courtney Lipson:

Century Project


Lecture: Sunday, March 3rd at 2pm

Century Project was commissioned through Stonington Gallery in Seattle, and is a multi-media work that records the life patterns of one man; key events and their surrounding energy, lessons and skills learned. Beginning ten years before his birth, the timeline illustrates life events and personal journeys until age 90….hence the name: Century Project. Because the subject is in his fifties, the latter portion of his life is forecast, illustrating natural events like deaths and births, and unknown possibilities including intent and wishes. It is a meditation on the past, present, and future.

The micro-mosaic portion of Century Project measures 2 inches high and 100 inches long–an inch represents one year. It is comprised entirely of glass seed beads and gemstones, over which colored grouts were applied to seal the micro-mosaic and manipulate the colors and textures, giving depth. An estimate counts the number of beads at approximately 75,000.

This multi-media project is a collaboration of forces; micro-mosaic by Courtney Lipson, framed in walnut by Alan Rosen, mounted in front of a backlit transparency of images from the universe created by Curtis Wong, and music accompanies this timeline–the overall vision of the client.

The Century Project will be on display in Seattle, WA at Stonington Gallery starting March 3rd, 2013.


century-project-in-progress detail-of-century-project-1 detail-of-century-project-2 detail-of-century-project-3