Scott Jensen – Solo Exhibition

The long-awaited second Scott Jensen solo exhibition will be sure to astound. Like his previous collection of work, these carvings are without compare. Jensen’s style is imbued with a love and respect for the early Tlingit masters who created some of civilization’s greatest masterpieces. With every carved ovoid and painted u-form, Jensen (Non-Indigenous, Adopted Tlingit) pays homage to the elegant and complicated relationship between form and line; the multi-layered tension between positive and negative space; this formline language has adorned art for the Pacific Northwest Coast native tribes for millennia.
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Exhibition Dates:

June 5, 2008 - June 28, 2008

Involved Artists:

Scott Jensen

Featured Works

dsc_8751Scott Jensen’s life and art are the outcome of a man living in a place that moves him deeply and profoundly.  Every small spirit face and every animal character that comes to life on a piece he carves reflects the mysterious beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the ancient traditions that have been fostered here.  Jensen affords viewers the genuinely satisfying opportunity to absorb them selves in a body of art that has been created with an eye for the pure beauty and elegance of these ancient traditions.

All that is magnificent about the Pacific Northwest is materialized in Scott Jensen’s art.  His work resonates with cedar, mist, raven, river and salmon— these never ending forces that are the bedrock of the native cultures and their art and mythologies.  Jensen’s art, whether it be totem pole, rattle or bowl is as satisfying from a distance as it is upon intimate inspection and discovery.  The intense joy with which this art is made gives the viewer a sense of gratitude and satisfaction that is rare and wonderful.  It is a thrill to experience something so exquisitely wrought.

The power of this place can be overwhelming, but everlasting.  You feel it when you are in a stand of ancient cedars and you feel it when you look at Scott Jensen’s art.  To be in an old growth forest along the Pacific Northwest Coast is to be in the place where Scott Jensen’s art is derived.  With dsc_7376vistas of glaciated mountains and sea, graced by the world’s oldest, tallest and greatest forests, their floors teeming with the subtle interlacing of fern and dogwood, wildflowers delicately skirting the feet of the soaring giants whose canopies of ancient growth are draped in the emerald green coat of pungent moss, itself a medium from which the licorice ferns emerge and cascade.  It is in this realm where the grand is juxtaposed with the nuanced, where the artist’s eye, as well as the keen observer’s, is trained to see in different and profound ways.