Wolf Moon Mask

Alder, Shell, Pigment
  |   $8,500

The Moon is a part of the mythos of almost every culture on earth, and among those cultures that have lived with wolves, almost all have conceived a notion that wolves howl at the moon.

In this piece, Moon is the central figure of light and in the shadow of the rim is depicted a pair of Wolves with humans held in their paws. Below them is a human with arms extended, hands open in gratitude with their spirit forms displayed.

I shudder when I contemplate man’s treatment of the Wolf in our recent history and so I take solace in the fact that the direct descendant of the wolf, the domestic dog, has been given the title, ‘Man’s Best Friend’ and accorded all the care and affection that we owe its progenitor!

-Robert Barratt, 2015