Vertical Killerwhales

Steel, Bronze, Copper Nitrate Patina/Acrylic Paint, Epoxy Paint

“Killer Whale is one of the most majestic of all the crest figures of the Northwest Coast. In this one-of-a-kind image the fin rises eight feet high over the major figure with his flared tail displaying a superimposed bronze secondary (parallel figure) of another killer whale (head, back and pectoral fins in front, tail and spine in back). This can be viewed as either a partner whale or the inner spirit of the larger animal. That dominant figure is configured in what is termed a “spy hopping” mode, standing up out of the water to survey his surroundings. Typical of animal images from the Northwest Coast, he impassively surveys the larger world confident of himself and place…but uniquely rendered in the permanence of steel and bronze.” – Barry Herem

Not suitable for outdoor installation.