Tree of Knowledge

Open Edition Corten Steel

Left Gate: 72″h x 27.5″w x .19″d

Right Gate: 72″h x 26.75″w x .19″d

A tour de force of formline design, these gates are composed of complex interconnections rendered as the branches of a tree. They are filled with the many “organ parts” of what Haida artist Bill Reid called “the beautiful beasts and heroes” of Northwest Coast mythology. But only in parts and pieces which, flowing together by the conventions of Northwest Coast style,
suggest not only a harmony of traditional forms but also the cooperative flow of the cosmos.
It is a tree of knowledge about formline design, and also a tree of the knowledge we do not always have about how the universe works and is constructed. It is full of the pieces which make up Northwest Coast life forms, all of which are subject to the point of view of the viewer.
-Barry Herem