Tlingit CEO Ensemble

Merino Wool, Woven Cedar, Upcycled Halibut Jacket (Wool), Sea Otter Fur, Neoprene Boots, Glass Beads, Western Red Cedar
  |   $27,500

Ensemble includes:

Returning Salmon Headdress – Merino Wool |Jacket- Upcycled Halibut Jacket (Wool), Sea Otter Fur | Necklace – Merino Wool, Glass Beads |Returning Salmon on the Tides Boots- Neoprene Boots (Size 11), Merino Wool, Sea Otter Fur |Octopus Tentacle Cane- Hand-carved Western Red Cedar by Tlingit artist Dave Ketah

This piece will be on display at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum from May 2023 — April 2024.

Photos on model courtesy of @sydneyagakiphoto

Model: Tony Rivera