The Box It Came In

Planed, Dyed, Laminated, and Hand-carved Palette Boards
  |   $5,000



“This mask came to be as a direct result of the covid pandemic of 2020-21. As people began to stop socializing in person, they also stopped visiting public locations including retail stores. ‘Shopping’ as an American cultural activity was, in many cases, a trip with friends to the mall to see what’s new and maybe buy something. Americans enjoyed a true buyers market. COVID changed that, perhaps forever. People did not quit buying things, they just moved to a different shopping venue: The Internet. The dynamics have changed dramatically. People now ‘shop’ mostly alone and are not instantly rewarded with their purchase. Nor are they always assured the item is even available, due to the changes in the supply chain created by COVID. Things were, perhaps, beginning to look more like a seller’s market. So we wait and hope for it to be delivered… and when and if it arrives: IT COMES IN A BOX. The spirit of retail has changed. This mask acknowledges that changing spirit. It is made from the wood of the pallet-boards which brought the boxes.” ~Perry Eaton