Starting the Conversation

Acrylics on Canvas
  |   $3,750


Acrylic, Canvas

Once in conversation with Grandmother Margaret, one of the Indigenous Grandmother’s, she said “Historical Trauma is speeding up instead of slowing down.” I asked her where do we begin the healing, she said “We begin the conversation”. This is starting the conversation. In under 200 years we went from being a Matriarchal Society, to the capital of Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW), according to recent studies. This does not account for all our loved ones who are missing, or even that died under suspicious circumstances, or there is never an investigation at all. It’s time as a people to reclaim our legitimacy of thought and begin to love ourselves. We cannot do it alone, it will take allies to heal our people, it will take many conversations and laws and policies to undo the laws and policies that got us here. We must begin to understand that what we do to these lands and waters, we do to ourselves. Once we remember we are all one being, we can no longer hurt one another. And then we begin the generation of awakening, the generation of healing.