Red Cedar, Stain, Antique Oil, Acrylic


Cedar, Moon, Wood

“I have watched red moons rise over the ocean on Haida Gwaii.  They always make me think of my family’s ancestral connection to the name “Red Moon”, and how that connection is ancient and continuing. Contemporary Haida women, including my mother, Isabel Rorick, carry on the Haida name “Red Moon”. My mother gave the “Red Moon” name, S’itkwuns, to our daughter when she was born.  The red moon I was thinking of while making this moon mask was one that rose over the ocean exactly two years before the date of our daughter’s birth. The red moon reminds me to connect with the natural world and care for the places we call home.”

-Robin Rorick 2017

This mask is Robin’s tribute to the women in his life, including his mother, Isabel Rorick, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, aunties, wife, and daughter. The title of the mask is Isabel Rorick’s Haida name–S’itkwuns–which was given to her by her grandmother, Florence Davidson.