Setting the Path

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Stretched Canvas
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This work illustrates a scene in Puyallup legend:

Long ago, before people came to the Pacific Northwest, lived the creators of the world, Golden Eagle, Black Bear, and Giant Woman. Black Bear and Giant Woman were the wives of Golden Eagle and were very jealous of each other. In one of their arguments and battles, they created the shape of the world. When Giant Woman chased Golden Eagle, he dragged his claws through the earth and formed the mountains.

After a great flood, two black whales were trapped in a lake on Mount Takopid or Mount Rainier. The whales were lonely and missed their people. They swam right through the mountain, plowing their way to the Puget Sound. The channel they dug became the Puyallup River.

-Text from the Chief Leschi Schools website.