Semiahmoo Spirit

Hotsculpted, Blown and Sandblasted Glass with Woven Cedar Bark
  |   $7,000



Dan Friday writes about his skull series that it is “symbolic of our forefathers, all of the Coast Salish peoples. It is not a morbid piece, but instead about how we walk on the shoulders of our ancestors. Chief Leschi, Chief Sealth, Princess Angeline; we walk on their land. We are all the people of the Salish area, and we are more of a unit than our tribal affiliations. Tribal categories are so small, and the delineations are artificial — most of us are not just one tribe, we have family members everywhere, across state lines and national borders….an homage to all the Salish people. My family, friends, and forebears who got me where I am. Everyone is interconnected, to this day everyone is a cousin or an Aunt or Grandfather — I sometimes don’t even know who I am blood related to, because we refer to friends as family. I feel so grateful to be part of it.”
-Dan Friday