Salmon Carry the Future

Yellow Cedar, Red Cedar, Yew Wood, Walrus Ivory, Abalone, Drafting Ink, Copper Nails, Vintage Bone Beads, Jute Twine, Poly-Mesh Net
  |   $5,700

This large fishing scene is a representation of my family and myself. I come from a family of fishermen. Every summer my family and I go to Naknek, Alaska and commercial fish and put up fish for the winter. We work hard fishing two tides a day during the salmon season under the summer sun. In the large salmon carving you can see the eggs with three faces which represent: the past, present and future of salmon; my families connection to the salmon; hope that we can keep industries like Pebble Mine out; hope that we can preserve this renewable resource for future generations. This is the kind of fishing we do with gillnets. On the top of the net are corks that help float the net. The fish swim in and get caught around their gills.

-Ceara Lewis